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Sleek, modern and glossy metal fine art prints make a stunning impression!  Metal prints are ideal for artists and photographers who are looking for the quality of a smooth fine art paper in a more modern and durable product.

Using Breathing Color's new Allure Photo Panels, we print directly to the surface using the Epson 9900 printer.  These aluminum panels along with our Ultrachrome HDR pigmented inks offer excellent longevity and overall value.  Each metal print is finished with a smooth protective layer of gloss laminate.  Mounting your final product has never been easier using adjustable wall standoffs attached to the back or "through standoffs" that complete the modern look.


What Makes Our Metal Prints Special?

Allure Photo Panels are approximately the same thickness (.045") as dye sub aluminum prints and offer the same overall look.  The direct-to-print process is superior to dye sublimation fine art printing in several ways, however.  First, it offers higher resolution because each printer dot is laid directly on the media to form the image.  Our Epson 9900 printer can print up to 2880 dots per inch (dpi), allowing very fine detail to be clearly seen.  Additionally, whites look whiter and contrast is greater than with dye sub prints.  Because there is no transfer paper used in the process, color remains more consistent from print to print.  Our prints will better and more consistently match your existing digital files or the digital files we create of your artwork with our digital image capture and color matching process.


Display Options & Pricing

Back Mounting Kit


4"x8" for 8"x12" Print:  $20.00

7"x10" for 11"x14" Print: $22.50

8"x14" for 12"x18" Print:  $24.50

12"x16" for 16"x20" Print:  $28.00

12"x20" for 16"x24" Print:  $31.00

Includes hanging hardware.

Edge-Grip Standoffs

Metal Print Prices


8" x 12"        $24.00

11"x14"        $38.50

12"x18"        $54.00

16"x20"        $80.00

16"x24"        $96.00

Larger and custom sizes:  Please call us to confirm availability:  410-269-1229