Our state-of-the art camera system uses lighting and polarizing filters to capture the most detailed aspects of your artwork while eliminating glare.  Advanced color profiles are created for monitor, printer and camera to ensure the closest color match.

Many people call our process  "fine art scanning," but we actually do "fine art photography."  We do not use a scanner because most scanners use a uniform light source that can result in lost brush stroke detail.  We invested big bucks in our high-end camera and lighting system in order to capture every detail of your artwork.  

Please remove  artwork from the frame before bringing it in for photography.  

We have limited space in our shop and are not responsible for any damage that may occur to your frame while your piece is being reproduced.

  • Set-up fee starting at $25 per job (not per image)  This fee covers the cost of making test prints and color matching to original artwork.  We keep working on your file until you are satisfied that you are getting the closest match possible to the original.  For photographs, this fee covers work done such as re-touching, re-sizing, and adding text or other features to your photograph and may be adjusted according to time spent on working on your files. 

  • Image capture:  $29 per piece up to 40" ($60 over 40")

  • 300 dpi, 16-bit per channel mode tif or jpg 

  • Wholesale pricing for artists and photographers

  • High resolution files copied to you on CD (we provide) or your thumb drive (you provide) for $7